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Thursday, 19 May 2016 / Published in Pornstar
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Realitykings Overview

There are so many hot girls out there, and eventually the horniest and ones start to do porn. Carola Cott did so, and now she has standalone site among the many hot portals of the UnlimitedAccessPass network’s websites. This Polish girl looks amazing. She has that Euro-spice that makes our cocks hard and wet in a moment, and as you will see it here, she really likes and knows to fuck. As an official (or rather semi-official) porn site of an individual model, the CarolaCott is not too old, however nowadays it seems to receive less updates than it did in its earlier stages. There are more than 40 hardcore scenes listed in the members’ zone – these are mostly solo scenes with 10-15 minutes of average length, and while you are browsing through them, you will see that they are really hot. The scenes have matching photo sets with modeling and masturbating. These videos are all unique, and if Carola has another site, it’s certain that you can’t find these ones there, so exclusivity is assured. Since the site has a limited amount of porn for you, it’s just necessary to mention the main reasons why you should still consider joining. The first big extra you receive is described by the network’s name: you get an Unlimited Access pass to 33 exclusive porn sites. Part of the network sites feature solo models like this one does. For example, Kasia Kelly, Lexi, the wonderfully busty Anita Buena and some more. Another bunch of the bonus sites are hardcore niche-driven portals, just as the MadeInCanadaXXX, the MyBoobsExposed, LoveAmateur, InsaneCoeds or the ILoveBlackGirls. Some sites are updating more regularly than others, and unfortunately, there are some closed series too. However, we’re positive that the content here is all exclusive, and that’s a big plus.

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Tech & Specs

We loved the site that welcomed us when we visited the CarolaCott. On the upper area of the page, they placed a logo, and the network statistics, which says that there are 33 sites, 4417 videos (the number changes, as they update) and 273,856 pictures. Under this promising area, you will see the tour-menu: you can go home, list the scenes and the sites. The rest of the menu takes you to the signup form. As for insight on the content, the large slideshow of great quality photos will certainly get you in the mood, and lower on the page, you can see Carola’s scenes listed. For further information on the offerings of the site, visit the sites’ list and browse through it and decide whether you are interested in those sites or not. After signing up, you can start using the site in its full capabilities. We were a bit surprised about the clear, modern looks of the members’ zone, because we were expecting something else. There is a network menu on the top, which features the sites’ list, a link to the models’ database, along with the links to the third party live cams, free cam shows and the partner’s’ promotions. Under the site’s banner, they placed the content menu: there are links to the photos’ and videos’ list, and the tag-list is available too. On the listings’ pages you can use different sorting options to narrow down the list. Fortunately, the site got revamped lately, and it became more up-to-date – thus it has a fine mobile interface, where all options for sorting and viewing are working as they should be. There are no download limits or restriction usage for the videos, so if you want, you can save them all. The MP4 is the most common format in use here, however some MPEG videos with a slightly better bitrates can be found too. The embedded player uses MP4 resource files, and the videos load up quickly, and you can jump in them wherever you want. The pictures sets of this hottie are all real digital stills, coming at a usual resolution of 1280×960. Each set has circa 500 photos, so for comfortable viewing, if we were you, we would download their zip sets rather than viewing online.

Content Quality

The main star of the site is Carola Cott. She is a natural blonde, with a tight body which will certainly make you want to fuck her. As far as her nationality is concerned, Carola is a Polish girl – if you like Czech chicks, you will certainly like this dirty lil’ cunt, because she has the nice European nastiness in her that makes men crazy about such girls. As you take a look at her ‘attachments’, you will see that her breasts aren’t huge, but they are some really sexy playful things. Her pussy is nicely shaped, and it’s quite fortunate because you will see that a lot. And if you were wondering about her buttocks, wait until you she turns around and shows that prime ass – its round, smooth and it would be surely exciting to kiss in to its middle. Each video is a solo scenario, and there is only one performer in them, the Carola Cott herself. Most scenes are shot with a professional setup, but some scenes look like archived cam shows. Nevertheless, the scenes here are quite fun and sexy.

Long Story Short

Carola Cott is a real beauty. We’re certain that you will love to see her in action, and though the video quality isn’t the best, you will see the important details of this hot chick. It’s not exactly a hardcore site, but there is some penetration happening. If you need some other hardcore stuff, you should check the bonus sites, because most of them feature hardcore sex and even some kinky elements. Considering the extras you receive, we would go that far that the membership here is one of the best deals online, and it’s well-worth the price.

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